Club Information

    The Brandywine Enduro Riders (BER) have been an active part of the East Coast Enduro
    Association (ECEA) since the mid-70's, and many of it's original members remain active members.  
    BER has put on the Rattlesnake Enduro for many years and launched our first Hare Scrambles
    event in 2005. Today, members get together to participate in numerous events (enduro, hare
    scrambles, and dual sports) in the tri-state area as well as several group trail rides throughout the

    With most members in Chester County, PA, meetings occur at least once a month throughout the
    year, usually on the second Tuesday of each month. Beginning in March or April, meetings generally
    occur every two weeks (2nd and 4th Tuesdays) as we begin planning activities for our Hare
    Scrambles and Enduro.  The Club also meets at other times as the membership or leadership
    determine --- such as group play and work rides, tech sessions, etc.

    Click here for more information about our meetings.

    Member Rides & Special Events
    Aside from the Rattlesnake Enduro, BER hosts an annual fun ride aptly named the Dry Heaves
    National... a fun yet competitive event for the members and their guests to get together and celebrate
    the new year and have some fun riding.  The event is held on New Years' Day and the location
    changes to keep things interesting.

    BER leadership is looking at adding more club rides to the calendar, since it's not just about

    Club Officers
    The Officers work to keep the club together, on-track, and involved. Here's our Club's current roster
    of Officer's and other staff, some with email:

Mike Perucki
Vice President:
Mike Woutersz
Bob Stuart
There isn't one.
Trail Boss:         
Brother Wilson
Enduro Referee  
Pete Burnet
Bill Bennett
Forum Administrator:    
Will Rosenberry
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